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Bachelor's exam work


The living folk music - Bachelor's exam work

How to find my own musical expression between Swedish and Argentinian folk music.

My exam work began as an attempt to mix Argentinian and Swedish folk music.

First I used the Argentinian drum bombo legüero as an accompaniment to polska. I continued with an attempt to use four rhythms from Argentina - vidala, zamba, cueca and carnavalito - as rhythmic accompaniment to various polska's and I found several compatibilities. I tried to transform a fifth rhythm, chacarera, for the same purpose, and here the compatibilities were much harder to find. Instead of meeting within the frame of chacarera or polska, new music appeared. Music which was written with a mixture of elements from both the Argentinian and Swedish folk music.

The truth is that the process of writing this exam work coincided with an inner process and a need to compose my own music.

My exam work is completed with me for the first time playing a concert that contains only my own compositions. My music, which is my contribution to the living folk music.

- Read my work (in danish!) here » 

Listen to the concert:

Some videos