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Cultural producer

What is a "cultural producer"? That's a good question. I only know that I enjoy very much doing projects that have a cultural or a social aprouch. In order to do that I created, together with Claudia Adeath and Claudia Cohen, the organization CkulturA. We combine our professional backgrounds in visual arts, film, literature and music to create, produce and coordinate cultural events focused on integration. Our goal is to consolidate a bridge between the different cultures found in Denmark today with the Danish culture. This bridge will connect and enrich all participants in our events through exchange of values and a spectrum of views from individual cultures.CkulturA is our frame to develop the projects we have in our hearts and minds. We colaborate olso we other organizations. 



Some examples: 


Festival Sonamos Latinoamerica

Husk Mig - De Dødes Dag Festival



De Dødes Dags in Danmark


Take a look to some pictures here »


Some videos